NAMAL high yield fund obtains you significantly higher yields than treasury bills or fixed deposits – short term Investments with higher ROI.

NAMAL High Yield Fund


The NAMAL High Yield Fund is an open ended fixed income fund investing in investment grade rated debt instruments, deposits and government debt securities with maturity less than one year.

Fund Type Fixed Income Objective Income
Invest In Short Term Commercial Papers, Trust Certificates & Corporate Debt Time Frame of Investment Short Term
Risk-Return Moderate to Low Risk - Returns Dividends Regular
Minimum Investment Rs. 10,000 Front-End Fee No
Management Fee 0.50% Exit Fee No
Registrar Fee No Trustee Fee 0.15%
Advantages Obtains Significantly Higher Yields than Treasury Bills & Fixed Deposits
Daily Liquidity

Last 5 Days

Price Date Selling Price (Rs) Buying Price (Rs)
07/27/2021 25.4409 25.4409
07/26/2021 25.4369 25.4369
07/22/2021 25.4170 25.4170
07/20/2021 25.4090 25.4090
07/19/2021 25.4016 25.4016

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Copies of the Explanatory Memorandum and application forms can be obtained from NAMAL or any other sales agents appointed by NAMAL from time to time.

Please complete the Application Form and KYC Form and contact the Sales Team @ +94 11 2445911 or [email protected]

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