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  • Q : Is there a minimum investment to be a investor in any of the funds?

    A : Yes. The minimum investment for the equity funds will be LKR 1,000 and the minimum investment for the NAMAL High Yield Fund will be Rs 10,000/-

  • Q: Are the returns of any of the funds guaranteed ?

    A : No. Returns for the funds are not guaranteed. All returns in all the funds are subject to market risk. Please speak to one of our investment advisors for more clarifications and details.

  • Q: What asset classes does your fund invest in?

    A: Listed equities and rated fixed income instruments issued by listed and rated borrowers.

  • Q: Are your funds and company regulated by a regulator?

    A: Yes. We are licensed and regulated by the Securities & Exchange commission of Sri Lanka (SEC)

  • Q: Do you have foreign currency denominated investment plans?

    A: No. Currently we do not have any foreign currency denominated investment funds. All our funds are LKR denominated funds.

  • Q: Do you mange private portfolios? And if so what is the minimum investment?

    A: Yes we do. We have a separate Private Wealth Management platform which manages private wealth management portfolio’s. The minimum investment to qualify for this category would be LKR 25 mil.