NAMAL national equity fund generates annual income with high ROI and can be operated by Sri Lankans, citizens of foreign states and companies incorporated in Sri Lanka.

National Equity Fund


The Fund aims for medium to long term return by investing a maximum of 80% of Fund assets in a diversified portfolio of equity securities. The remaining Fund assets are invested in fixed income securities.

Fund Type Balanced Objective Income and Long Term Growth
Manager Listed Equity & Fixed Income Securities Time Frame of Investment Medium to Long Term
Risk-Return High to Moderate Risk/Return Asset Classes Annual
Minimum Investment Rs.1,000 Front-End Fee 5.00%
Management Fee 1.50% Exit Fee No
Registrar Fee 0.25% Trustee Fee 0.20%
Advantages Provides current income and long term capital growth
Flexibility to invest up to 80% in the stock market
Minimum investment is low

Fund Performance

Fund Name Launch Date 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year YTD
National Equity Fund 16-Dec-91 6.35% 14.60% 2.29% - 3.33%

* Fund returns calculated in Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR) as at 31-03-2018

Last 5 Days

Price Date Selling Price (Rs) Buying Price (Rs)
06/14/2018 31.6234 29.6353
06/18/2018 31.5733 29.5906
06/19/2018 31.4349 29.4617
06/20/2018 31.2854 29.3227
06/21/2018 31.3719 29.4030

Copies of the Explanatory Memorandum and application forms can be obtained from NAMAL or any other sales agents appointed by NAMAL from time to time.

Please complete the Application Form and KYC Form and contact the Sales Team @ +94 11 2445911 or [email protected]