NAMAL money market fund is a short term secure investment with quarterly dividends.

NAMAL Money Market Fund


NAMAL Money Market Fund invests exclusively in government securities. The Fund provides a highly liquid cash management solution for investors and has significant tax advantages for taxable investors.

Fund Type Money Market Objective Cash Management
Invest In Government Securities Time Frame of Investment Short Term
Risk-Return Low Risk / Return Dividends Quarterly
Minimum Investment Rs.10,000 Front-End Fee No
Management Fee 0.25% Exit Fee No
Registrar Fee 0.05% Trustee Fee 0.15%
Advantages Provides current income at minimum risk
Dividends paid quarterly

Fund Performance

Fund Name Launch Date 1 Year YTD 3 Months 1 Month
NAMAL Money Market Fund 10-Sep-04 8.00% 8.61% 8.63% 8.61%

* Fund returns calculated in Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR) as at 31-01-2017.

Last 5 Days

Price Date Selling Price (Rs) Buying Price (Rs)
03/21/2017 10.8539 10.8539
03/22/2017 10.8565 10.8565
03/23/2017 10.8590 10.8590
03/24/2017 10.8614 10.8614
03/27/2017 10.8687 10.8687