NAMAL IPO fund is a growth fund with a medium to long term time frame & is listed in the main board of the Colombo Stock Exchange



The Fund aims for capital growth over a medium to long-term period through a maximum of 95% investment in equity securities, with a focus on companies at the initial offering stage and post IPO stage for a period of one year.

Fund Type Growth Objective Capital Growth
Invest In Listed Equity & Fixed Income Securities Time Frame of Investment Medium to Long Term
Risk-Return High to Moderate Risk/Return Dividends No Set Pattern
Minimum Investment Rs. 10,000 Front-End Fee 2.50%
Management Fee 1.25% (Additional 1.5% if Net Return exceeds 15%p.a in a Quarter) Exit Fee No
Registrar Fee No Trustee Fee 0.20%
Advantages Invest in Professionally Selected IPO Securities
Daily Liquidity

Fund Performance

Fund Name Launch Date 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year YTD
NAMAL IPO Fund 15-Aug-11 -39.59% -37.12% -34.13% -24.95%

* Fund class currency is Sri Lanka Rupees (LKR) and calculated returns are as at 30-04-2017.

Last 5 Days

Price Date Selling Price (Rs) Buying Price (Rs)
05/19/2017 7.5208 7.3374
05/22/2017 7.4978 7.3150
05/23/2017 7.4901 7.3075
05/24/2017 7.4824 7.3000
05/25/2017 7.4747 7.2925